Chinoiserie print ale mug, c.1790

This substantial ale mug was manufactured at the turn of the 18th century, possibly by Caughley, in Shropshire, England. It stands 5-1/2″ tall and is made of soft-paste porcelain with a pearlware glaze, and decorated with a bold cobalt blue Chinoiserie fantasy transfer print. It was purchased in London by my father and given to me as my 40th birthday present. Seeing it reminds me of how proud he was when he found pieces to add to my numerous collections. Although it has just 2 small brass staples by the handle and not an over abundance of obvious repairs, as more typically seen in these pages, I am still very happy to own it.

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5 Responses to “Chinoiserie print ale mug, c.1790”

  1. Carol Thosath says:

    Love the personal story even more than the mug.
    Love your handsome mug even more than that!

  2. Diane says:

    Such a nice story. And fun seeing the staple repairs, no matter how few.

  3. Larry Terricone says:

    A very sweet piece. Staples always fascinate me, no matter how few.

  4. Marcy Katcher says:

    Hi Andy!
    This is not necessarily a comment about your recent post however I just came upon these dinnerware designs and naturally thought of you. xoM

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