Eva Zeisel majolica teapot, c.1929

This boldly painted, hard to find teapot was designed by no other than Eva Zeisel, who worked for Majolika Fabrik in Schramberg, Germany. She arrived in the small Black Forest town in the fall of 1928 and left nearly two years later in the spring of 1930, creating nearly 200 brightly colored pottery objects of Art Deco inspired design. This lightweight pottery teapot measures 7-1/2″ tall and is 8-3/4″ wide from handle to spout.




I am not surprised that this fragile teapot did not remain unscathed over the past 84 years, as the low fired clay is susceptible to breakage. A large broken piece at the top of the pot has been reapplied, aided by three large metal staples, each measuring nearly 3/4″ long. To help camouflage this none-too-subtle repair, the staples were overpainted in matching tones, with only traces of color remaining. To add insult to injury, the top  portion of the handle, once broken off, has been riveted back on to the body. Tightly woven rattan envelopes the entire handle and the lower portion of the teapot, although I am not sure if this is was a later addition. Original or not, the basket-like embellishment adds another layer of quirkiness to this most desirable vessel.

IMG_5646 - Version 2



The stamped mark on the bottom reads: Majolika, SMF (contained within a shield), Schramberg Handyemalt, 64.


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Photo courtesy of Kulturprojekte Berlin

These are more examples of majolica designed by Eva Zeisel during her years in Schramberg, Germany


An early photograph of Eva Zeisel in her studio, c. 1930.


Photos courtesy of John Foster

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  1. mal E says:

    great research – great piece, wonderful as usual
    Cheers from downunder . . .

  2. RebeccaED says:

    very fond of teapots, love the rattan, and always impressed by staples!

  3. Karen says:

    Excellent research, loved the photos of Eva – she was beautiful – and how the pot had the addition of rattan which looks like it’s in great shape. Such care was taken then with repairs. Thanks!

  4. CarolR says:

    That’s a beauty! I’d never seen an early photo of Eva – so glad you included it. And I love the repairs!

  5. Prlainovic says:

    she died at age 90. I read her memoir of her days in a Russian prison. She out looked and out smarted her captors and embraced life. Read memoir. http://evazeiselmemoir.com/

  6. Moni88 says:

    Beautiful!! Rattan always looks good.

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