Worcester porcelain plate, c.1770

Porcelain plate made in England by Worcester in the late 1700s is brightly decorated with cartouches containing colorful floral sprays surrounded by gilt scrollwork and a scale background of mottled cobalt blue.

Unsigned plate measures 9-1/2″ in diameter.

Although most items I have seen repaired with metal staples are holding multiple pieces back together, this plate has bronze staples stabilizing cracks against further damage. I like how the symmetrical pattern of the cracks and the staples form an almost perfect peace sign.

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3 Responses to “Worcester porcelain plate, c.1770”

  1. Frankenstein’s monster on the other side.

  2. Jackie says:

    The back is more beautiful than the front…

  3. Victoria says:

    Jekyll and Hyde most definitely. The exceptional hand painted flowers on the blue scale ground, the repairer’s trademark staples to the reverse. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

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