Making make-do’s in Eastfield Village, part 2

I gave a lecture and participated in a workshop, “Period Make-Do’s and How to Reproduce Them,” this past Monday at Don Carpentier’s Historic Eastfield Village in East Nassau, NY. My friend Bibiana also participated in the workshop and took these photos of my presentation and of our work. Instructors included Master Tinsmith William McMillen, expert Blacksmith and Tinsmith Olof Jansson, and Master of all trades Don Carpentier, who guided us through completing handmade tin replacement lids for my Worcester teapot and Bibiana’s banded mocha ware mug.

This was my second workshop on the art of repairing antiques with antique tools and employing the same methods as those of Early American tradesmen. I am eager to continue my education in the craft of tinsmithing and learn more about how my great-grandfather, a Philadelphia tinsmith, most likely created a number of household items with inventive repairs of his own.

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Photos courtesy of Bibiana Famolare Heymann

4 Responses to “Making make-do’s in Eastfield Village, part 2”

  1. BB says:

    A day to remember. Thank you for taking me along.

  2. Jonathan Rickard says:

    I wish I could have been there. Somehow we will meet face-to-face somewhere!

  3. Martyn Edgell says:

    Wonderful, it makes me realize that I should have paid more attention to my metalwork classes at school!!!!

  4. Allison Smith says:

    I have a Don Carpentier bowl that broke recently and I’d love to have it repaired. If this is something you can advise on I’d greatly appreciate it. I was never able attend one of these workshops while he was alive, but would love to repair it with historic techniques.

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