Flight & Barr dish with 31 brass staples, c.1805

This high quality porcelain dish was made in Worcester, England, by manufacturers Flight & Barr. It is decorated with a wide Gothic influenced geometric border in gilt and burnt orange enamel. It measures 11-1/4″ by 7-7/8″ and dates to early 19th century. The underside has a beautifully hand painted mark in puce which reads “Flight & Barr, Worcester, Manufactures to Their Majesties,” as well as a small crown and an incised letter B.

After the dish was dropped and brought to a china mender for restoration, 31 brass staples were attached to make the dish complete and usable once again. The eight holes in-between the six staples at one end indicate that an earlier repair was made to the dish, but apparently they were removed. The second restoration, executed well over 100 years ago, was a success and the sturdy dish was most likely put back in service for use at the dinner table. But I would rather just admire it for the beauty and ingenuity of the repair and display it wrong side up.












IMG_8123 - Version 2











































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5 Responses to “Flight & Barr dish with 31 brass staples, c.1805”

  1. Martyn Edgell says:

    Not only are the brass staples more interesting but the script on the back is better than the front too!!!

  2. ken says:


  3. Jelena says:

    Awesome, I have recently obtained two plates on an auction with the same type of repair, they were in a pile of random plates and I got the whole lot (12) for AU $10. I couldn’t believe no one saw the beauty…

  4. Joy sigler says:

    One word….Determination.

  5. SomeBozo says:

    I don’t see the point of repairs on this scale… sure it’s old, and once probably carried some value but now? It is just as hideous on the back as it was originally on the front… Nice markings on the back though.

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