Hunting scene tavern jug, c.1860

English salt-glaze stoneware cream jug with sprigged decoration entitled “The Kill”, made in the mid-1800’s, possibly in Derbyshire. The glass-like coating is achieved by adding salt to the kiln and firing at approx 1660 degrees F (780 degrees C). As the sodium chloride vaporizes and bonds with the silica in the clay, it creates a silicate glass “salt-glaze” finish.

Jug stands 4-1/2″ high and is 5″ wide.

Over 150 years ago, a tinsmith repaired the broken handle with a metal replacement, complete with thumb rest and straps.

A screw and metal strap, part of the molded sprigged decoration, “held” the original ceramic handle in place, and now an actual metal handle has replaced the broken handle.

This jug, similar in form and decoration, still has its original handle intact.

Photo courtesy of Flickr

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  1. Larry Terricone says:

    Another great piece. Thank you for sharing. Where do you find these things. I am always looking for come up empty.

  2. Kate Tanning says:

    Thanks for keeping up the interest!

  3. I love your posts and always look forward to them.


  4. matt says:

    The painted screw is a nice touch

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