Cast iron clothes iron, c.1900

Every household in America had one. Many, such as this one, have a replaced handle. Some irons were just too heavy to support a lighter handle and many snapped off after years of constant use. Currently this iron is being used as a doorstop in my office and I almost forgot to include it in my blog. It is one of a select few “inventive repairs” that I am using in my home for a purpose other than what it was originally intended for.

Faint remains of the original handle are visible on either side of the replaced handle.

This lucky survivor still has its original handle.

Photo courtesy of WorthPoint

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3 Responses to “Cast iron clothes iron, c.1900”

  1. josefina lopez says:

    i have 4 irons similar to the one in the picture..and you are right due to usage and time some of em have lost the used to belong to my great grandmothers in mx..saludos

  2. Derek Haywood says:

    Hi.I have 2 of these and they got too be from the 18″”‘s or something! What year are these from! They got to be worth sometbing somewhere! The 3rd pic,at the bottom,mine is like that.Okay,any feedback would be great.

  3. Hi Derek, These repairs are one of the most common I come across, as irons were used on a daily basis in homes worldwide and subjected to damage. Once broken, they were repaired with new handles, enabling further use for years to come. I hope you are enjoying your example of inventive repair! Best, Andrew

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