Napoleonic War commemorative mug, c.1814

I am a big fan of commemorative pottery, particularly ones with strong graphics and bright colors. Whenever I spot an example from afar in a shop, I secretly hope that it has some sort of inventive repair. Sometimes I get lucky. This creamware mug with printed transfer and hand colored decoration boasts the message “Peace of Europe Signed at Paris May 30, 1814.” Made in 1814 by Bristol Pottery in England to celebrate the signing of the peace treaty marking the end of war with France, this mug measures 4-3/4″ tall and 5-1/4″ wide to end of handle. Check out the details in photos showing the Bristol Pottery mark, the factory in the background, and ships with wood crates no doubt filled with pottery for export.

This mug possesses numerous battle scars, including chips, cracks, and the loss of its original loop handle. After the handle broke off, a 19th century tinker replaced it by drilling through the body and attaching a metal replacement with two square fasteners. To add insult to injury, the replacement handle is covered in rust, a result of further neglect. But if this mug were in “perfect” condition, I would not have purchased it.


IMG_8053 - Version 2








This example, with different copy and overglaze coloring, can be found in the collection of the British Museum in London.


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4 Responses to “Napoleonic War commemorative mug, c.1814”

  1. Carol says:

    Well, the rusty repair does add to the charm of that mug.
    However, I love it so much, I would even have bought it in
    perfect condition!

  2. Sarah says:

    Insult to injury, Andy!
    All the more delightful with the wear and tear.
    Another treat from you.

  3. joy sigler says:

    There are very few things I covet but this is a worthy item! Anything with a flag on it and I melt. Well done, its magnificent!

  4. Patti says:

    Just discovered you via Dawn Elliot…tip of the hat hon…this cup is so sweet…covet? yep…you bet! I’ve a “sordid” tie to the Buonopartes, rendering me weak to pretty objects like this.

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