Chinese Imari pattern teapot, c.1750

A Chinese porcelain globular form teapot with Japanese influenced Imari decoration, stands 4″ high. The bullet shape was inspired by European silver of the same period.

When the original porcelain handle broke off, the teapot was taken to a china mender and fitted with a bronze handle replacement. Finely woven rattan embellishes the metal handle as well as provides protection from the heat of a pot fullĀ of hot tea.

A silver rim was added to mask chips along the lid and a silver “safety” chain keeps the lid and the teapot together.

This teapot with similar form and decoration still sports its original handle.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 10.19.43 AM

Photo courtesy of Moorabool Antiques


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  1. susan Whittlesey says:

    is this still available?

  2. Sorry but none of the pieces from my collection are for sale at this time.

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