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Meissen porcelain teacup, c.1760

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

This German porcelain teacup with scalloped rim is delicately painted with a Watteau style figures in a landscape and floral sprigs in tones of copper green, pink and black. It dates from the middle 1700s and bears a cobalt blue crossed swords mark on the underside. It measures 2-3/4″ tall.

A tiny leaf is painted on the inside of the cup, masking one of the few pinpoint sized bubbles in the glaze.

The underside reveals a cobalt blue crossed swords mark.

A well made forged bronze replacement handle from mid-1800s takes the place of the more fragile porcelain original, which must have snapped off early in the cup’s life.

The hand hammered bronze pins are seen from the inside of the cup.

This is what the original “split twig” handle might have looked like.

Photo courtesy of Cyberattic